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Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector - FNIRSI

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With the discharge of Japanese nuclear wastewater in the next 17 days, the impact on the seas of Southeast Asia will face a huge threat

1. Marine ecosystems: Radioactive substances in nuclear sewage may have adverse effects on marine ecosystems. These substances may enter the biological chain in the ocean and have an impact on the health of marine organisms and ecosystems.

2. Aquatic products: If nuclear sewage is discharged into the ocean, it may affect fisheries and aquatic products in Southeast Asia. This may lead to contamination of aquatic products with radioactive substances, posing a potential threat to local fisheries and food safety.

3. Tourism and Economic Impact: Several countries in the Southeast Asia region depend on tourism and seafood exports. The discharge of nuclear sewage may cause tourists to worry about tourism activities and the circulation of seafood in the area, negatively affecting the local economy.


Radiation Dosimeter with LCD Display, Portable Handheld Beta Gamma X-ray Rechargeable Radiation Monitor Meter, 5 Dosage Units Switched


What are the hazards of nuclear radiation?

  • Nuclear radiation has serious effects on human health, causing dementia, high blood pressure, heart disease and reduced immunity, as well as damage to the blood and nervous system.

  • The harm of nuclear radiation on the human body is mainly chronic damage to the disease, prolonged use of computers, exposure to objects with radiation, long-term exposure to high radiation environment to make the human body organs suffer serious damage

  • Radiation generally greater than 100msv is harmful to humans

  • Radiation doses between 100-500msv for a long time will reduce the number of white blood cells in the human blood.

  • Radiation doses in the range of 1000-2000msv may cause symptoms such as fatigue, vomiting or anorexia

  • If the radiation dose is 2000-4000msv, the number of red and white blood cells in the human blood will be significantly reduced and internal bleeding may occur.

What things produce radiation harmful to the human body?

  • Nuclear power plant, ore, lonizing radiation, computer, radiology medical equipment, industial environment, etc.

What FNIRSI GC-01 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector could do for you?

  • Set alarm value, when the radiation dose exceeds the value you set, alarm alert. Help you stay away from the environment and things that exceed the radiation dose.