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Floating Hair Filtering Mesh Removal

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Tired of seeing pet hair and lint on freshly laundered clothing?

Scraps of paper sticking everywhere?

Do not worry!

Just throw the filter bag in the washing machine, all residue will be removed.

Try this handy filter mesh bag that removes floating hair and debris from the washing machine to keep your clothes cleaner.

Clothing  Recommended amount
2-4 pieces Put 2 Filternetzbeutel
5-7 pieces Put 3 Filternetzbeutel
8-10 pieces Put 4 Filternetzbeutel


  • Catching Hair and Dirt]  With a cone-shaped mesh net, collect the hair and dirt particles in the net before they go down the drain to make your clothes cleaner when washing clothes with machines and not to block the drain from catching human hair, animal hair , Lint and other types of dirt.

  • Powerful cleaning function]  You can put washing powder in the floating lint net bag of the washing machine, rotating the flow of water continuously, which can completely dissolve the washing powder and create dense foam, making cleaning cleaner.

  • Easy to Use ] Put this floating lint net bag in the washing machine. It is easy to clean and floats directly above clothing. You just have to remove the stuck hair in the network every time after washing.

  • [Garment Safe Materials] Made of foam, nylon, and plastic. They are high quality and reusable, 100% safe for all garments. Conical mesh bag with a fine-meshed design.

  • Material: foam, nylon, plastic
  • Color: pink / blue
  • Mesh height: 15 cm
  • Circle diameter: 8 cm
  • 3 x Filternetzbeutel
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.
  • Please allow slight measurement deviation due to manual measurements.