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DIY Reusable tattoo kit

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● FULL PACKAGE: tattoo ink set, including all tattoo accessories. Self adhesive tattoo templates can help you make exquisite small tattoos
● SAFETY: It is made of natural plant extracts and doesn’t contain any chemical components, harmless to skin, you could use with confidence

● LASTING: The color comes from the addition of natural pigment, which can last for 7-10 days and is waterproof, depend on how many times it touch water
● EASY TO USE: No waste and easy to operate, you don't need to spend money to buy a applicator bottle. metal needle tip allows for highly detailed designs and bottle for ease of squeeze and control

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● WARM TIPS: You need to take a small amount on a small area of skin to test, no allergic reaction to continue to use, if allergic, please stop using.

Technical specs

Package Listing: 3 bottles of random juice tattoo lotion and 2 random tattoo stickers&5 bottles of random juice tattoo lotion and 4 random tattoo stickers&8 bottles of random juice tattoo lotion and 7 random tattoo stickers&16 bottles of random juice tattoo lotion and 15 random tattoo stickers(TATTOO STICKERS ARE DIFFERENT)
● Juice Tattoo Liquid x 1
● Shelf life: 3 years
● Color: tattoo,red,brown,green,black,purple ,orange ,blue
● Net Weight: 10ml
Our waterproof body makeup tattoo kit can be painting most places.
Here is the Rated of every part painting effective by a professional tattoo artist.
● Star: Arms/ Neck/ Ankles/ Feet/ Waist.
● Star : Hands/ Wrist
● Star : Finger

How to use

● Clean and dry the surface of the area to be used before use.
● Peel off the template and apply it to the area you want to use.
● Fill the tattoo with the metal point head. (Thickness: 1mm-2mm)
● Wipe any errors with a damp cloth/cotton swab.
● Wait for about 30 minutes until the tattoo solidifies.
● Tear the tattoo stencil, remove the impurities, and get the final result.


● How to tell if the tattoo cream is dry?
A: When they do not dry completely, the lower layer of temporary tatuajes has obvious water pointes.

● How to apply the paste? 
A: When pasting, please keep uniform force and adopt a suitable dosage(1mm-2mm is suggested). Smear speed should not be too fast to prevent the shifting of the template and influence the pattern effect.

● The color I used the first time is different from the second time?
A: When painting, the thickness of the paste will affect the final color.

● How should I store it?
A: Tighten the lid after use and store it in a cool place. Be careful not to place it where children can reach it.

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